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Ohio House Bill Would Study Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


N.E. Ohio Democrats introduce a proposal to study charging infrastructure and identify funding sources for new construction.

Democrats in the Ohio House recently rolled out a proposal to examine electric vehicle infrastructure in Ohio. House Bill 202, introduced by Speaker Householder allies Rep. Kent Smith (D-Euclid) and Rep. Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson), would establish the “Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Study Committee”. The committee would be charged with examining state and local efforts to construct charging infrastructure, estimate the cost of building and maintaining statewide charging infrastructure, and identifying potential funding sources. The bill would also task the committee with developing recommendations for changes to state law and policy to expand the use of charging infrastructure, as well as any other issue relevant to the use of electric vehicles in Ohio.

The committee membership would consist of representatives of the following entities:

  • The Ohio House committee responsible for transportation issues

  • The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

  • Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

  • A central Ohio Public Utility

  • The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

  • The Ohio Environmental Council

  • Clean Fuels Ohio

  • City of Columbus

  • Columbus Partnership

OPMCA believes that its member businesses should have the option to sell any legal source of transportation energy in a competitive market. Allowing the private sector to compete is the best way to spur investment in—and the development of—alternative transportation energy infrastructure, and the public ultimately benefits when private companies are allowed to innovate and compete on a level playing field. The fact that this proposal, in its current form, does not lend a voice to Ohio’s convenience and retail industry should be concerning to anyone who values free enterprise.

Once the House has scheduled sponsor testimony on the bill, the association’s government relations team will assess the potential implications for members, and will determine appropriate next steps to engage on this issue. Watch future issues of FuelingMatters for updates on this and other pending legislation that affects your business.


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